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Agent-based Model of Covid-19 Vaccination Uptake in Chautauqua NY

In the previous study on Covid-19 vaccine debates , we have revealed the complex communication patterns in hybrid spaces. A following up question that intrigues us is when people are exposed to such complicated conversational context hybrid spaces, with contradictory opinions, how do they make decisions about Covid-19 vaccine uptake.  To answer these questions,  with Andrew Crooks , and Li Yin , we have published a new article  " How information propagation in hybrid spaces affects decision-making: using ABM to simulate Covid-19 vaccine uptake " in the  International Journal of Geographical Information Science .  This research is the first one that has combined the Space-place (Splatial) framework with the social influence network theory and applied to them model Covid-19 vaccine uptake at individual level.  Our model captures the temporal dynamics of vaccination progress with small errors (MAE = 2.45). Our results suggest that all hybrid spaces are indispensable in vaccinati